45th BCS Preliminary Result 2023: Exam Date, Time, Questions, And More


One of the most anticipated events for aspiring civil servants in the nation is the 45th Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) exam. It is essential to remain informed about the exam date, time, questions, and other important details as candidates eagerly await the release of the 45 BCS Preliminary Result 2023. We will go over the intricacies of the 45th BCS exam in detail in this comprehensive article, giving you all the information you need to stay current. So, let’s get started and learn more about the 45 BCS Preliminary Result 2023.

45 BCS Exam Date 2023

Aspiring Bangladeshi civil servants are eagerly awaiting the 45 BCS exam in 2023. It signifies a significant turning point on their path to a prestigious civil service career. The Bangladesh Public Help Commission (BPSC) is liable for leading the BCS assessment, and they will declare the authority test date soon.

The 45 BCS exam date should be marked on candidates’ calendars and diligently prepared for. It sets the stage for the examination’s subsequent stages and signals the beginning of the selection process. For the most up-to-date information about the exam date, candidates must regularly check the official BPSC website and reputable news outlets.

Candidates ought to make preparations for their study schedules in advance of the exam. The 45 BCS exam necessitates extensive preparation in a variety of subjects, including English, mathematics, general knowledge, and current affairs. Begin early and make a review plan that considers more than adequate opportunities to completely cover each subject.

Candidates must also effectively manage their time leading up to the exam. If you want to do well on the BCS exam, you need to have good time management skills. Set aside specific times to study for each subject, practice with question papers from previous years, and take practice tests. Candidates will gain confidence, speed and accuracy, and familiarity with the exam format thanks to this strategy.

Understanding The 45th BCS Exam

The Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC) conducts a competitive and rigorous selection process known as the 45th Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) examination. Its purpose is to find qualified candidates for high-ranking positions in Bangladesh’s civil service. Understanding the 45 BCS exam’s key details is essential to success. We should dig into the fundamental data about the 45th BCS test.

Exam Preliminary: The preliminary exam is the first of several stages that make up the 45 BCS exam. The objective of the preliminary exam is to select candidates for the written and viva voce portions of the subsequent stages.

Exam Schedule: To determine the candidates’ level of expertise and knowledge, the preliminary exam covers a wide range of topics. Mathematics, English, general knowledge, current affairs, and Bangla are typically covered. Candidates ought to familiarize themselves with the required syllabus and plan their study time accordingly.

Test Organization: The format of the 45 BCS preliminary exam is multiple-choice questions (MCQs). Competitors are given a bunch of choices for each inquiry, and they should choose the right response. It is essential to check the official notification for specific details regarding the exam duration and total number of questions.

System of Marking: The checking framework for the 45th BCS fundamental test follows a particular example. While incorrect responses may result in negative markings, each correct response receives a predetermined number of marks. To avoid receiving an excessive amount of negative feedback, candidates should limit their responses to those questions to which they feel confident.

Strategy for Preparation: A well-thought-out preparation plan is essential if you want to do well on the 45 BCS exam. Begin by thoroughly comprehending the exam syllabus and gathering relevant study materials, such as textbooks, question papers from previous exams, and online resources. Foster a review plan that permits adequate time for each subject and dispense time for updates and practice tests.

45 BCS Exam Time

Dealing with your timetable actually is vital with regard to planning for the 45th BCS assessment. Although the exact time of the 45 BCS exam will be announced closer to the date, you should start planning your study schedule well in advance. Here are a few hints to assist you with dealing with your timetable really:

  • Begin early: Start your readiness as soon as could really be expected. The BCS exam is very competitive, so start your preparation early to have enough time to study the syllabus and review important topics. Starting early also makes it easier to manage time and reduces stress at the last minute.
  • Make a Review Plan: Create an all-encompassing study schedule that covers all of the subjects and topics on the exam syllabus. Divide your time between subjects based on how difficult they are, and give more time to difficult subjects. Be realistic and set daily or weekly study goals that are doable.
  • Make subjects a priority: Distinguish your assets and shortcomings in various subjects. Concentrate more study time on the subjects that need your attention the most. However, a well-rounded preparation is essential for success on the BCS exam, so don’t completely disregard other subjects.
  • Take it apart: Divide your study time into manageable, smaller chunks. Continuously studying for long periods of time can cause fatigue and lower productivity. Between study sessions, take brief breaks to rest, reenergize your brain, and keep your focus.

45 BCS Exam Questions

Understanding the types of questions that can be expected is essential when preparing for the 45th BCS exam. You can develop effective study strategies by being familiar with the exam’s question formats, which cover a wide range of topics.

Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs): The 45 BCS exam typically consists of multiple-choice questions, where you will be presented with a question followed by a set of options. Your task is to select the correct answer from the given choices. MCQs are designed to test your knowledge, comprehension, and analytical skills across various subjects.

General Knowledge: The exam will likely include questions related to general knowledge, both national and international. This may cover areas such as history, geography, science, technology, politics, sports, literature, and current affairs. Stay updated with the latest news and developments to enhance your general knowledge.

Current Affairs: BCS exams often include questions that assess your understanding of current affairs. Be aware of ongoing national and international events, political developments, social issues, and major news stories. Regularly read newspapers, watch news channels, and follow reliable online sources to stay informed about current affairs.

Mathematics and Mental Ability: Expect questions from mathematics, including topics like arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and basic statistical concepts. You may also encounter questions that test your mental ability, such as logical reasoning, analytical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

English Language and Grammar: English language skills play an important role in the BCS examination. Questions related to English grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, and sentence structure may be included. Focus on improving your reading comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar through regular practice and study.

The Role Of BPSC

In the 45th BCS examination, the Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC) plays a crucial role in ensuring fairness and openness throughout the selection process. The BCS examination and making recommendations for the hiring of civil servants in various government departments are the responsibilities of the BPSC, an independent constitutional body.

The BPSC’s role in ensuring fairness and transparency in the BCS examination can be summarized in the following key ways:

  • How to Conduct an Exam: The BPSC is in charge of designing the exam process, which includes creating the syllabus, deciding on the format of the exam, and creating question papers. They make sure that the exam is thorough, relevant, and in line with what civil servants are expected to do.
  • Eligibility Requirements: Candidates who want to take the BCS exam must meet precise and transparent eligibility requirements that are established by the BPSC. These measures incorporate instructive capabilities, age limits, and different prerequisites. The BPSC ensures that every candidate has an equal opportunity to apply for and compete for civil service positions by establishing consistent criteria.
  • Selection based on merit: The BPSC employs a merit-based selection procedure that places more emphasis on candidates’ exam performance than on external factors. They guarantee that objective criteria, such as exam scores and candidate qualifications and capabilities, are used to make the selection. Fairness is promoted and the most deserving candidates are chosen using this strategy.
  • Assessment Security: The BPSC takes strict measures to ensure that the examination process remains secure and confidential. They make sure that question papers are kept secret until the time of the exam, reducing the chance of them being leaked or used unfairly. Additionally, the BPSC takes measures to stop exam malpractice and cheating.

Prothom Alo: A Reliable Source For 45 BCS Exam Date Updates

Prothom Alo is a trustworthy and reputable source when it comes to staying up to date on the most recent information regarding the date of the 45 BCS exam. One of Bangladesh’s leading daily newspapers, Prothom Alo covers a wide range of topics, including government examinations and recruitment procedures.

Prothom Alo consistently distributes articles, news updates, and notices connected with the BCS assessment directed by the Bangladesh Public Assistance Commission (BPSC). They give exact and exceptional data about the test plan, including the declaration of the 45 BCS test date.

To remain informed about the 45 BCS test date, you can visit the authority site of Prothom Alo or access their devoted segment for BPSC-related news. The purpose of this section is to provide candidates with the most recent information about the BCS exam updates, notifications, and announcements.

The credibility and accuracy of Prothom Alo’s coverage of the 45 BCS exam date are well-known. Their data is obtained from true BPSC warnings, public statements, and other solid sources. You can ensure that you receive accurate information regarding the exam date by relying on Prothom Alo, which will assist you in effectively planning and preparing for the exam.

45 BCS Result By SMS

Candidates eagerly await the release of the 45th Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) results because the exam is extremely competitive. The Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC) offers the convenience of checking the result via SMS in addition to publishing the results online. This is the way you can acquire your 45 BCS result through SMS:

Get Your Mobile Device Ready: Make sure your mobile phone has enough credit to send an SMS and has an active SIM card.

Create Another SMS: Make a new SMS by opening the messaging app on your mobile device.

Enter the Expected Data: Correctly enter the following information into the SMS body:

Recipient: Enter the BPSC-provided official SMS service number. Along with the announcement of the results, the specific number will also be made public. For instance, “12345” (please use the actual number provided by BPSC; this is only an example).

Message: Enter the particular format that is necessary to retrieve the result. Typically, your examination roll number or other identifying information will be included in this format. Guarantee that you enter the right data as trained by the BPSC. For instance, “BCS45 Roll Number.”

Sms the message: Double-check the details for accuracy after entering the recipient’s number and the required message. Then, send the SMS to the service number that was provided.

Hold Out for a Response: Wait patiently for the response to the SMS after sending it. Your request will be processed by the automated system at the BPSC, and a response containing your 45 BCS result will be sent to your mobile number.

Last Word About 45th BCS Preliminary Result 2023

Candidates who made every effort to do well on the exam are eagerly awaiting the 45 BCS Preliminary Result 2023 announcement. Hopeful competitors ought to remain refreshed with dependable sources like Prothom Alo to get the most recent data about the outcome.

The BPSC plays a crucial role in both the examination and the process of publishing the results in a transparent manner. Candidates can confidently navigate the BCS examination journey if they are well-informed about the exam date, time, and publication of results. Keep your focus, prepare effectively, and keep in mind that with determination and dedication, you can pass the 45th BCS exam.

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