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Currently studying at The University of Asia Pacific, Samanta Parvez is an ambitious student. As a passionate advocate for the synergy between data and human interactions, she seeks opportunities that converge these two domains. During her tenure at SELISE Digital, she developed a passion for using data to enhance marketing strategies and connect with people.

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Original NameSamanta Parvez
Age25 years (2023)
Birthdate18 Apr 1998
Zodiac SignAries
Net WorthNot Know
BoyfriendNot Know
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Personal life

Samanta Parvez’s Bangladeshi national identity is deeply embedded in her persona. Recognition of her rich heritage, she is known by her full name, Samanta Parvez. Additionally, she has contributed to BDShows, a project aimed at compiling comprehensive information about Bangladesh’s vibrant television entertainment industry.

She has demonstrated her commitment to keeping her community informed and engaged through this endeavor.

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She has made a lasting impression on the entertainment industry as an actress. The actress is renowned for her role in the critically acclaimed drama “Biye Korte Giye,” in which her talent and dedication were evident. She has collaborated with fellow actors such as Nily Alamgir and Salman Muktadi to contribute to the dynamic landscape of the entertainment industry.


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On April 8, 1998, Samanta Parvez was born under the Aries zodiac sign. A passion for growth, learning, and making a positive impact on the world drives her journey. Besides her creative pursuits, she has a particular affinity for the Argentina national football team.

Samanta’s trajectory has been marked by her multifaceted interests, which range from academia to entertainment, data-driven marketing, and even sports.

Throughout her career, her commitment to exploring new horizons, connecting with people, and utilizing data for impactful insights continues to guide her decisions.

Her biography depicts a young woman carving her own niche in a variety of fields and exemplifying the spirit of continuous improvement and success.

Some Important Facts About Samanta Parvez

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Here are some important facts about Samanta Parvez:

  1. Profession: Samanta Parvez is an aspiring actress known for her role in the drama “Biye Korte Giye.”
  2. Education: She is currently enrolled at The University of Asia Pacific.
  3. Passion for Data: Samanta has a strong interest in data-driven marketing, which she developed while working at SELISE Digital.
  4. BDShows: She has been involved with BDShows, which aims to consolidate information about Bangladesh’s television industry.
  5. Drama Career: Samanta Parvez has worked with notable figures such as Nily Alamgir and Salman Muktadi in dramas.
  6. Birthdate: April 8, 1998, is the date on which she was born.
  7. Zodiac Sign: Due to her birth date, Samanta falls under the Aries zodiac sign.
  8. Nationality: She is of Bangladeshi descent and takes pride in her cultural heritage.
  9. Argentina Football Fan: Her support for the Argentina national football team indicates that she is interested in sports.
  10. Talent and Dedication: Samanta is known for her role in the drama “Biye Korte Giye,” which showcases her acting abilities and commitment to the role.
  11. Multifaceted Interests: In addition to academics, she is passionate about entertainment, data-driven marketing, and sports, making her an individual with a variety of interests.
  12. Community Engagement: Through her involvement with initiatives such as BDShows, she demonstrates a commitment to positively impacting the community in which she lives.

This information reveals Samanta Parvez’s journey, interests, and contributions in various fields, which demonstrate her commitment to growth and making a meaningful contribution.

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