Top 13+ Study Websites In Bangladesh

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Online study websites have emerged as useful resources for students of all ages in today’s digital age. Education is the key to personal and professional development. Study websites have revolutionized how students in Bangladesh access educational content, allowing them to learn at their own pace and at their own convenience.

This article presents an extensive rundown of the top 13+ review sites in Bangladesh that offer many instructive materials, courses, and assets. Whether you’re an understudy, an expert looking to upskill, or a deep-rooted student, these sites are your door to information.


Individuals seeking updates on educational matters, international scholarships, and exam results can find useful information on the website “” It takes care of the people who are anxious to remain informed about the most recent improvements in the training area. The website guarantees that visitors will have access to up-to-date and pertinent information that will help them achieve their educational goals.

“” is active on a number of social media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok, among others, in addition to its website. By drawing in with clients through these stages, the site expects to contact a more extensive crowd and give them significant updates and experiences.

Bishwa Bangla Scholar

In Bangladesh, an online platform called Bishwa Bangla Scholar provides digital access to educational content. From course books and video talks to intelligent learning materials, Bishwa Bangla Researcher gives an exhaustive asset to understudies. Students can get access to high-quality educational materials at their fingertips thanks to the platform, which covers a variety of subjects and is in line with the national curriculum.

Bangladesh Open College

Bangladesh Open College is the biggest state-funded college in the nation, gaining practical experience in distance learning programs. For distance learners, their website provides study materials, course information, and online resources.

Whether you’re chasing after a degree or looking for a proficient turn of events, Bangladesh Open College offers adaptable learning choices and extensive help to assist you with accomplishing your instructive objectives.

E-Learning For Kids Bangladesh

e-Learning for Youngsters Bangladesh is a kid-driven internet-based stage that offers intuitive and connecting with instructive substance. Intended for essential and optional level understudies, the site covers many subjects, including math, science, language expressions, and PC abilities. Through gamified illustrations and tests, e-Learning for Youngsters cultivates an adoration for learning while at the same time assisting kids with creating fundamental abilities.

Robi-10 Minute School

Robi Brief School is a well-known web-based learning stage that takes special care of the instructive requirements of understudies in Bangladesh. With an immense library of video illustrations, practice tests, and review materials, Robi Brief School covers different subjects and instructive sheets. The stage means to make learning fun and open, engaging understudies to succeed in their scholastic interests.

Amar Pathshala

Amar Pathshala is an online learning platform for students in kindergarten through high school that offers courses and study materials. Mathematics, science, English, and other topics are covered by the platform. Students are able to effectively grasp complex concepts thanks to Amar Pathshala’s interactive approach to education, which includes engaging videos, animations, and practice exercises.

Shikkhok Batayon

Shikkhok Batayon is a web-based stage that gives video instructional exercises, live classes, and review materials for understudies from essential to higher optional levels. The stage offers extensive subject inclusion and spotlights on guaranteeing calculated lucidity. With experienced educators and intuitive learning assets, Shikkhok Batayon upholds understudies in their scholarly excursion.


An extensive selection of courses, including academic subjects, skill development, and test preparation, are offered by ClassBoat, an online platform that connects students with tutors. Whether you’re searching for mentoring in a specific subject, language illustrations, or expert certificate courses,

ClassBoat gives a stage for people to investigate different learning valuable open doors. ClassBoat makes learning accessible and individualized through its extensive network of qualified tutors, flexible scheduling options, and interactive learning tools.

Amar Pathagar

Amar Pathagar is a computerized library that gives an extensive variety of digital books and concentrates on materials, and assets for understudies and students, everything being equal. With its broad assortment of instructive materials,

including course readings, reference books, and study guides, Amar Pathagar upholds autonomous learning and exploration. The platform promotes a culture of continuous learning and provides an easy way to access educational resources.


Porashuna is an internet-based stage that offers scholastic review materials, model test papers, and answers for understudies getting ready for different assessments. Porashuna provides a repository of study materials to assist you in effectively preparing for board exams, university entrance exams, or competitive exams. The platform offers practice materials to test your knowledge and keep track of your progress and covers a wide range of topics.

Somewhere Blog

Somewhere in Blog is a famous Bangla writing for a blog stage where you can find instructive articles, and concentrate on tips, and assets shared by various bloggers. From scholarly direction to vocation guidance, Somewhere in Blog covers assorted points that take special care of the instructive necessities of students. The platform helps to build a community where people can share their knowledge and gives people a place to look at different points of view and learn from experts in different fields.

BD Class

For students of various classes and subjects, BD Class is an e-learning platform that offers video lessons, study notes, and interactive quizzes. Students of all levels can benefit from the platform’s comprehensive subject coverage and coverage of the national curriculum. With its easy-to-use interface and drawing-in learning materials, BD Class works with independent learning and supports understudies in their scholastic process.

Study Press

Study materials, tutorials, practice exams, educational articles, and other resources tailored to various subjects and academic levels are frequently available on educational websites. These sites can be gainful for understudies hoping to improve their insight, get ready for tests, or investigate new instructive open doors.

To find out about Study Press and its contributions, I suggest visiting their site straightforwardly. You can investigate the various segments, peruse the accessible assets, and find out about the particular highlights and advantages they give.

Last Word About Top 13+ Study Websites In Bangladesh

The accessibility of study sites in Bangladesh has changed the manner in which understudies access instructive assets and take part in learning. These online platforms provide a wealth of information and assistance to students of all ages, including practice quizzes, e-books, and study materials. Interactive video lessons are just a few examples.

Whether you’re an understudy planning for tests, an expert looking to upgrade your abilities, or a deep-rooted student enthusiastic about gaining information, these top 13+ review sites in Bangladesh give important assets to open the force of online training. Embrace the comfort and adaptability of web-based learning and leave on an excursion of personal development and scholarly development.

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